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What do you see when looking at a good magazine ad, poster, TV commercial? How do you feel when using a great website or mobile application? As a designer sometimes I even forget how much work actually goes into creating these things and getting it into the public space. We laugh, smile, cry for a few seconds, maybe minutes, appreciate it briefly and then move on. There are rare occasions where we actually give it a second thought and tell your friends about it. Take a moment then, and consider how much work actually goes into creating those few seconds worth of emotion.

Today I will tell you.

At the start of the process there is usually a client that has a very rough idea about what they’re looking for. That’s when Project Managers and Strategists step in to take the semblance of their idea, and rework it to make it more realistic, less complicated and better thought out. This phase will often mean that the initial idea changes, many times, resulting in something a little more defined, i.e. something that a Designer is able to work with.

The Strategists would brief the Creatives to get them on the same page. Some further thrashing through of ideas will often happen as the Creatives read through the brief and make sure everything makes sense. If things need to change the Creatives would send the document back with the changes and the Strategists edit as needed. Once all changes have been made and agreed, only then do the Creatives start their process.

The Creatives will need to understand clearly what needs to be done, as if it was their own idea to start with. As soon as there is one bit of doubt or confusion there is potential for everything to go wrong. The Strategist and Creative will need to work very closely to ensure there is no confusion.

The Creatives will then use their very specialised skill to start with basic creative concepts that align with the strategy and are clever, creative and memorable. These ideas can often be made up of as many as 100 different concepts. Once these concepts have been sifted through, a top few are chosen. The Creatives roughly flesh out the ideas, adding a bit more meat to the bones of the concepts and ensure everything works well together and achieves the goal as expressed by the client. At this point one would hopefully be left with just two or three possible concepts, which will then need to be reviewed with the client. This often includes a presentation showing a rough execution of the idea. It’s always good to have one or two more back-up ideas, just in case.

Once the client has approved the ideas an execution phase follows where the Creatives will then scamp, sketch or draft some possible designs. With these scamps there would be a moodboard, colour palette and font choices for the design. Only once this is all approved will the actual design begin. When designing, things will need to be adjusted as needed to make the design not just work but look good and create the desired emotive effect. These final designs will then be reviewed with the client, adjusted according to the client’s feedback and is often an iterative process. Once the client is happy, only then will it get implemented in print or digital, and finally published.

And this is what you will finally see.

This gives a little bit of a different perspective on the Work behind the Design, doesn’t it?

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