Call it SnapGram – The Battle Between Social Stories

The debate between Snapchat and Instagram’s Stories never seem to end. We know Facebook for being the big-head who seems to be snatching features from other platforms to enhance their user experience and functionality of apps – not that there is anything wrong with that if they creating all the features for users to use and spend more time on one platform where they have all of the functionalities they need.


There are definitely differences between Snapchat and Instagram Stories, and it is these differences that will keep the battle between these two platforms going, to rank higher – socially.

One Production recently released some data regarding the two apps which can help you decide which one will better fit your business. Let’s take a look at how SnapGram might be similar in comparison and how they differentiate themselves as unique to hold and build on user engagement:

Similar Features

  • Both apps allow you to share photos and videos to your timeline that disappears after 24 hours
  • The camera interface allows you to switch between colours, text and stickers
  • Stories from your friends you follow are shown in a circular thumbnail that you can tap on to view

Different Features


  • Viewers can fast-forward through your segments of stories by tap on the screen
  • To replay, they will have to go out of your story and re-enter to watch each snap in sequence
  • Geofilters, face-mapping filters and motion filters sets Snapchat Stories apart
  • Utilises 3D face lenses


  • Viewers can fast-forward through your sties by tapping the screen, and tapping on the left of the screen while watching a story to rewind
  • You can draw over your stories, add text and apply colour filters
  • Instagram’s parent company Facebook recently purchased the Masquerade app which allows you to overlay playful and animated face filters.


  • Snapchat is used by 150 million users daily, with users spending 25 to 30 minutes in the app every day
  • Instagram has 300 million users daily, with an average of more than 21 minutes in the app every day


Snapchat Stories has better filters with more customization options that individuals and brands love, but Instagram Stories has a wider reach due to its scale, assisted by its parent company; Facebook.

Join in on the discussion and let us know which app is your favourite.
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