Facebook and Instagram’s new Crystal Ball.

If you are an active user of Social Media platforms Facebook and Instagram, you may have noticed a cheeky little update on these mobile apps recently. Although, I confess, I don’t take a selfie for Instagram every day or even regularly post to Facebook – I do occasionally snap something for my own keeping or to send directly to my close friends. The other day, after having taken a picture of the clouds pouring over the mountain, I arrived at work, grabbed my coffee and had the usual morning browse through my Facebook news feed. As I opened the Facebook app, I noticed it seemed to think I wanted to post a photo, “That’s curious, I swear I didn’t tap photo.”. Sure enough when I went on to open Instagram later, it too seemed to think posting a photo was exactly what I wanted to do. Having experimented now, it seems that both apps will only prompt you to post a photo if you have been taking a a fair few prior to jumping on the social channels.


Instagram seems to be a little more subtle, asking users if they want to post a recent photo. Where as Facebook seems to be a bit more aggressive in it’s approach – assuming posting a photo is your intent in accessing the app. To be perfectly honest, I was quite impressed by Instagram’s initiative. Let’s face it, if a user is accessing a photo streaming app, chances are they are going to post a picture – especially if they’ve taken a few recently. Most mobile devices now have face-detection built into their cameras as well as Geo-tagging, meaning that brands, through apps, mobile sites and other channels will become increasingly more relevant in their timing of engagement, content delivery and functionality as technology is able to measure more detailed metrics and attributes of user generated content.

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