How Rich Media Affects Your Email Marketing

With an estimate of 2.4million emails being sent every second of the day, how does businesses ensure that their emails are delivered in inboxes and eventually opened, and not just shoved to the side, deleted or silently shouting in your consumer’s spam mail?

The answer is considering rich media in your email marketing strategy.

Rich media includes audio and visuals that can be used to convey your message to your consumers. Using this format makes your emails more attractive – who doesn’t like videos, animations and creative images?

Ask yourself this question – would you prefer reading a 10 page literature script or a 2 page visual script that summarises that 10 pages of literature? In this fast moving digital world with individuals having a short attention span, more consumers would go with the second option.

According to Email Monks, 37% of marketers say visual marketing is the most important form of content for their business, second to blogging – 38%

Here are a few email content options along with their advantages and limitations:

Plain-Text Emails


  • These emails are easy to create with no coding limitations
  • Subscribers will view the exact copy you have sent them with no formatting errors


  • The email looks unattractive
  • It’s an old practice and outdated

Emails with Static Images & GIFs

Static Images


  • Attractive images engage audience better than plain text
  • Images contribute to improved click-through rates
  • You can establish a brand identity with images


  • Not all email clients will display images by default
  • Too many images along with other triggers can land your emails in the spam folder



  • GIFs in emails boost conversions by 49%
  • They are easy to create if you have the resources
  • You can display many images in a restricted space
  • They add delight to your email campaign


  • They do not work everywhere – Outlook
  • GIFs with too much images/frames may have a huge file size and can slow down the email loading time

Emails with Videos


  • Video provides a positive user experience
  • Video helps to build a brand personality


  • HTML5 video is only supported by a few email clients
  • The huge file size can be a turnoff



Join the discussion and tell us what your thoughts are about using rich media in email marketing?

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