My Digital Adventure

Working at Techsys Digital for the past few months has been an experience of its own. I’ll start with who I’m surrounded by and how working at Techsys has given me the proof I needed.

As a Quality Assurer (AKA Tester) I work closely with the HTML team which has given me the opportunity of working with front-end developers and seeing first-hand how a digital agency operates. From the designs that are created, project management and strategy sessions, to your back-end developers creating components and implementing projects.

So why did I need proof?

I needed proof to see first-hand how important it is for all your online goals to fit together and how planning is key in order for a company’s online plans (goals) to be successful. It’s not just about creating a good looking website with all the bells and whistles. You need a plan – how are you going to get the right audience (online traffic) to your website? Think of it as your business’ premises online and like any business how would you get customers to pop in? Once they get there how are you going to get them to browse your products or services or purchase something? The same notion applies to your website, in this instance your conversion (goal) online would be for a person to – download your menu, book a reservation, purchase online, subscribe etc. Whatever your goal, it all starts with a plan! Sounds like a lot of brainstorming doesn’t it?

No Worries!

Online and digital are synonymous, meaning everything works with statistics which in return means whatever you invest online, you can track, monitor and even tweak to get one’s desired results.  Having the right tools and a holistic strategy, coupled with the right group of professionals is key. Every aspect one delivers has to be maintained, consistency is important regardless of whether you’re promoting specials on your website every month; making use of email marketing (keeping your subscribed customers up to date) or social media (your brands word of mouth); or tracking and monitoring your online ad spend.

At the end of the day every online aspect you deploy, whether it be to potential new customers or existing have to be as smooth and simple for your target audience as possible – from user experience (website/mobisite), functionality (web applications – competitions), responsiveness (mobile friendly across all platforms) and consistent engagement with your audience (social media).


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